The True Cost of Fashion

Fashion garments, the items of beauty were created to protect us from the elements, aid self-expressing and help accentuate our beauty, while hiding is flaws. However, in the modern fashion industry a garment does immense damage on every stage of its life.

Documentary film The True Cost is a revealing expose the fashion industry that perpetuates modern slavery with thousands of garment workers labouring long hours in unsafe conditions for less than a minimal wage. Due to its throw-away culture, fast fashion does irrevocable damage to the environment, threatening the very livelihood of human beings on Earth.

OK, you get the picture. If you haven not seen the True Cost movie yet, it’s a must-watch, available on Netflix and all.


  1. Paula Dec 07, 2016 - 12:12 PM

    Thank you Tina for sharing this exceptional documentary. Without exaggeration, this movie changed my life by providing the initial impulse to consume fashion more thoughtfully, and then to build my sustainable fashion business, Sheer Apparel. I could not recommend this film highly enough.


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