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Minimalist Backpack: Luxor


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    Elegant handmade backpack with a bow.

    Inner pocket for a mobile phone and keys

    Hidden pocket with a zipper on the side of the bag

    Easy access (no need to untie the bow)

    Vegan leather, thick cotton in washed out gold on the outside, beige lining

    Cool wash at 30ºC. Do not iron.


    L: 44cm, W: 23-40cm, D:9cm

    Inner pocket: 13x17cm

    Crossbody Bags are made by Maayan in Tel Aviv.

    “Feminism is still a bad word in Israel, but I’m proud to be one”

    “I am a people’s person and rarely spend time alone. I much prefer the company of women and the only male friends I have are gay. All my life – at school, in the army, at university and at work – I have been surrounded by women and I much prefer it this way.”