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Linen Shirt


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  • Handmade linen shirts for men.

    Made from lightweight Baltic linen sustainably sourced from Lithuania.
    Cool wash at 30ºC. Hang to dry.

    Please note, this item can take up to two weeks to make.

    Size Guide:

    SMALL: Chest/Waist/Seat: 112cm; Length: 75cm; Width: 42cm; Sleeve Length: 80cm

    MEDIUM: Chest/Waist/Seat: 118cm; Length: 80cm; Width: 48cm; Sleeve Length: 88cm

    LARGE: Chest/Waist/Seat: 130cm; Length: 83cm; Width: 52cm; Sleeve Length: 95cm

    The Linen Shirts are handmade in London by a Russian-Lithuanian designer Marta.

    “I’m allergic to dust, animal fur, soap  – you name it!”

    “I was born in the city of Bratsk in Siberia, the third most polluted place in the world. Perhaps this is the reason for the many allergies I have: dust, animal fur, soap and most cosmetic product – you name it! The worst is having a bad allergy to sun and even worse one to the sunblock.”