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    Handwoven pillowcases with herbal sachets.

    100% natural linen
    Size: 70x50cm
    Weight: 300g

    Features an inner pocket with a lavender or peppermint sachet.

    Every pillowcases is softened four times to make it gentle to the touch and suitable for bedding.

    Machine wash at low temperature.
    Hang to dry.

    Forest Fog pillowcase is made by Kristine and Oskars, the founders of VUUVEN handwoven textiles brand from Latvia.

    “I grew up with four brothers, so I know how to share”

    “Taking care of others, especially animals, gives me a sense of purpose and inner peace. Oskars knows how to inspire, encourage and make others believe in themselves. He always tells his friends: “Go on, you can do it!” This little encouragement can go a long way.”

    Elegant handmade crossbody bag that elevates your look through the day and into the night.

    Easy-snap magnetic closure

    Inner zipper pocket

    Multifunctional strap that can be styled in various ways

    Fabric: sturdy charcoal grey cotton on the outside, black lining

    Cool wash at 30ºC. Do not iron.


    L: 30cm, W: 27cm, D:5cm

    Inner pocket: 15x19cm

    Crossbody Bags are made by Maayan in Tel Aviv.

    “Feminism is still a bad word in Israel, but I’m proud to be one”

    “I am a people’s person and rarely spend time alone. I much prefer the company of women and the only male friends I have are gay. All my life – at school, in the army, at university and at work – I have been surrounded by women and I much prefer it this way.”