Run for Aysha!

Few months ago I visited Israel and Palestine to tell a story of Two Neighbors social business collaboration between women from the two communities.

There, I met a beautiful, strong and talented young woman – Aysha. She does traditional embroidery work for Two Neighbors and, in her spare time, goes running, organises a sports summer camp for local children and dreams to be the first women to get a driving license in her village. A few years ago Aysha saved some money to study photography – a hobby she dreams to turn into profession, documenting the hardships and joys of daily life in her village.

Aysha is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met! She challenged me to put my running shoes on, and on the 9th of October I will run a half-marathon in Munich on behalf of Story Dots.

As a fellow photographer, I promised to help Aysha follow her dream. Today we are launching a crowdfunding campaign raising funds for Aysha and other Palestinian women from the Two Neighbours collective.

Join in – together, we can make it happen!

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