I was born in the Brecon Beacons in Wales, but, as many kids do, moved to London right after high school. I got a degree from the London School of Fashion, did a few internships and slowly worked my way up in a pub that I ended up managing for a couple of years.

I knew that I wanted to run my own business, but it was my dog that finally forced me to go self-employed: I had a six-months old puppy that I used to bring with me to work. She didn’t mind, but it wasn’t fair on her, so I quit and became my own boss.

My partner, Tim, also has a background in fashion; he worked as a buyer at Timberland before deciding to come on board and help me out.

We really benefit from working together, since Tim is very business-savvy, while I am more creative. He is a lot more practical, and I often need someone to rain me in from the arty stuff that I personally want to make, but that no one would buy. He is a big driving force behind the business, without Tim I would be nowhere near to where I am at now.

When we were just finding our feet, we often worked till 3 o’clock in the morning to finish the orders.

Since we both work and live together in the same studio flat in, we made a point of adding more structure to our daily schedule. Having two dogs is a great way to stay organised, since their morning and evening walks usually mark the beginning and end of our working day.

We got to the point when the process of making clothes is so automatic, we often listen to music or watch a movie on Netflix while working. I watch a lot of TV series and Tim loves anime, but we will watch almost anything light and funny that doesn’t require too much attention.

I drink a lot of coffee and smoke too much. Tim recently quit smoking, which made my life a lot more difficult. I often feel guilty, but I plan to quit smoking before I turn 30, which gives me another two and a half years to enjoy this terrible habit.

In business, both Tim and I have set roles, but it took a while to figure out who is better at doing what. I taught Tim to sew early on in our collaborative work, but it took me a long time to learn to trust and give him a lot of responsibility.

We have different styles: Tim likes very simple designs, while I am a bit more adventures. We often bounce ideas of each other, so the final product is a perfect combination of the two ways of thinking.

We have a wide range of clients, so our designs are quite simple, practical and versatile, often appealing to both men and women. We find inspiration in fabric, looking for interesting textures and patterns. People shop by sight and by touch, so we search for textiles that are pleasing to the eye and skin and take it from there.

We like to experiment and try not to take ourselves too seriously. At the first glance, our collections may appear random, but on a closer inspection you will see that everything sits together like a perfect wardrobe.