Meet the Maker: Miriam

Two Neighbors is a social business collaboration between women from Israel and Palestine. Meet Miriam – fashion designer from Tel Aviv – and Aysha – one of the women doing embroidery work in Palestine:

I grew up in a small village between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem that was founded by my parents in the 70s. On the face of it, we were an ordinary Jewish family, but still waters run deep, and there were many stories buried beneath the surface.

My grandparents came to Israel from Yemen after the World War II and were victims of the Yemenite Children Affair after the disappearance of their six-month-old daughter.

After moving to Israel my grandparents from Yemen and Iraq began to deny they Arab roots. Jews like to claim Western origins, but many of us have a mixed or predominantly Arabic heritage and would really benefit from knowing and accepting our history.

On the face of it, we were an ordinary Jewish family, but still waters run deep…

Ironically, one of my grandmothers did embroidery work for Muslim women in Yemen. I created a fashion collections inspired by her work, and my grandmother showed a lot of support for my interest in Palestinian embroidery.

I have AFC, which manifested itself when I was 8 years old, affecting my entire body. It’s a very rare variation of the illness, and, until few years ago, doctors were unable to establish its origins or predict how it would develop.

Living with this uncertainty influenced my character a lot, making me seek control in other areas of life, but also making me much stronger. This has been my curse and my blessing, my drive and the war I fight every day.


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