Meet the Maker: Aysha

Two Neighbors is a social business collaboration between women from Israel and Palestine. Meet Miriam – fashion designer from Tel Aviv – and Aysha* – one of the women doing embroidery work in Palestine:

At 26, I am one of the few unmarried women in my village, and I’m very happy about it. I live with my parents, helping them with housework and looking after three younger sisters, but I’m in no hurry to have my own children. This gives me free time to spend with friends, as well as an opportunity to study and work, which are likely to be lost if I start my own family.

I love children though, and if I ever get an opportunity to go to college, I would like to become a PE teacher. Every summer, my friends and I organise a summer camp for children from local villages. We get more than a hundred kids of all ages practicing Math, Arabic, English and Sports. I truly enjoy spending time with children, guess I have a youthful soul.

“I am one of the few unmarried women in my village and I am very happy about it!”

Few years ago I saved enough money from the embroidery work and did a professional course in photography. I am particularly interested in photojournalism and would like to document the harassment that so often takes place in my village and all around Palestine. I want to share these images with the rest of the world, to be the voice of my community and make sure our message gets heard.

I am now saving money to pass a driving test. There is no public transportation in or around the village and many roads are unsafe to walk alone, so a car would give me a lot of independence and freedom. I would love to be the first woman in my village to learn to drive.

*Aysha is not the young woman’s real name. In the interest of security, we cannot reveal her real identity. For this reason, any information that can help identify her has been removed from the story.


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