Love is in the air…

Love is in the air today, and you have probably received dozens of Valentine’s Day gift list ideas in your inbox already.

At Story Dots we like to do things differently. We put people before products and celebrate human stories behind fashion, so today we feature the couples we have worked with over the past year:

Kristine + Oskars

“Oskars can read for hours at a time, anything from the Russian classics to modern fiction; that’s his escape. He occasionally does a bit of writing himself and even devoted a little poem to me at the beginning of our relationship…”

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Elvis + Kresse

“We don’t really have a work/life balance – we have a life that we share and enjoy together. A lot of people are hesitant about working with their romantic partners, but I have the opposite view on this. I was lucky enough to find the nicest, kindest, funniest, coolest, most intelligent and interesting person, so why would I go and spend most of my time with someone I don’t like half as much as I like Elvis?”

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Alec + Tim

“We really benefit from working together, since Tim is very business-savvy, while I am more creative. He is a lot more practical, and I often need someone to rain me in from the arty stuff that I personally want to make, but that no one would buy. He is a big driving force behind the business, without Tim I would be nowhere near to where I am at now.”

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